About me

I am currently a professor at l’Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada) in the mathematics education unit of the Mathematics department.

Most of what I do is part of the activities of the Laboratoire Épistémologie et éducation mathématique (LEAM), but I am also a member of the Groupe de rechercherche sur  la formation à l’enseignement des mathématiques (GREFEM) and the Technologie dans l’enseignement des mathématiques (TEMA) research groups.

I have an undergrad degree for teaching mathematics and sciences (BES, Université Laval). I did my master à UQAM under the supervision of Nadine Bednarz and Caroline Lajoie, and my PhD at University of Victoria with Wolff-Michael Roth and Jennifer Thom.

My work focuses on mathematical activity from an epistemological (both historical and philosophical) perspective, and phenomenological and deconstructive research writing within the field, with an interest for research as a subject of research.I am also interested in the use of technology in elementary and secondary mathematics education. I regularly teach prospective primary and secondary level teachers, as well as graduate courses.

Graduated students:

  • Myriam Boucher-Pinard (Master)
  • Ronald Moussitou (PhD)
  • Sabrina Héroulx (PhD)
  • Fiorella Tinetto (Master)
  • Mathieu Thibault (PhD/Thèse)
  • Marie-Line Lavallée Lamarche (Master/Maitrise)
  • Camille Melançon (Master/Maitrise)
  • François Lagacé (Master/Maitrise)
  • Karl-Philippe Tremblay (Master/Maitrise)
  • Isabelle Soulard (Master)
  • Scott Wang (MEd, Univerity of Auckland)